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Dojo/Training Facilities

Our dojo consists of a full 28 meter shooting range with sand azuchi (sand bank). Currently our shooting platform is uncovered and can accommodate 3 archers for a full taihai or sharei. Our next project will be to add a roof over the platform, however we do not yet know a time-frame for this. We do have a large canopy area for keeping equipment (and people) out of the sun when not shooting.

See pictures of our opening yawatashi

See pictures of the construction of our dojo

dojo picture, facing the front

dojo picture, facing the front

dojo picture, facing the back

During rainy days and in the winter months while the temperature is below 50°F, practice and training will be available with makiwara (short-range practice target) in our large garage. We have multiple makiwara and enough space for practicing all of the movements.

Group practice and training is currently available on Sunday mornings. Bowing in, the formal start of practice, is at 10am and practice continues for 2-3 hours. Those who hold sho-dan or higher may request to stay longer for individual practice or to arrange for practice on other days.

contact us to arrange for a first visit. We look forward to seeing you!